I am on sabbatical this fall to write a book. For the first six weeks of sabbatical (starting Labor Day weekend), I’ll be traveling in the UK and Europe. I’ve decided to try to write here fairly regularly about what I see and what I think about what I see. Call it “Stump’s Travel Log.”

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Finally, I’d be happy to hear from you if what I write stirs up any thoughts or emotions. You can speak publicly by commenting on posts (though I reserve the right to edit or censor your free speech if comments cross the line… I know it when I see it), or I believe there is some way to reply just to me and Substack sends it to me in an email. That would be a way of getting back at me for Substack sending you so many emails from me!

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Jim Stump

VP at BioLogos, host of Language of God podcast. I'm a philosopher by training and disposition. I think science is fantastic but limited. I think religion can be relevant but is struggling.